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Protected areas in the district of Sand


Specially Protected Areas Písek


        With long and continuous promotion of intensive land management is to divide land into forest land, agricultural land and built land. Natural or at least near-natural environment is preserved only in a minor matter. The day is it today in the district of sand for 20 protected areas, but in 1985 there were at Písecku 33 and from there a few brief details.


  • Sad Sad natural monument is located near the road Oparany -Obrazek Sepekov Podboří west. It has an area of 4.3 hectares. Top sites starts at the dam pond and ends at the trunk road to the pond Podboří.Výpust trunk is broken down in the rock and is technically interesting. Initial rocky stretch of river is romantic, then hlubčí creek bed turns a quiet stretch of shallow, rapidly flowing through balvanitým channel. On the monuments, permanent lives Otter, Kingfisher, Dipper. The products can be found buckbean and prstntaec orchid that grows in wetlands protection zone. Map
  • Dehetník located on a country road between the village and town Líšnice Milevsko. The area has a small 1.2 ha. The object of protection is waterlogged meadow plant communities of vlkomilných Vachta trojlisté, marsh marigold, sedges, cotton grass. In addition to plants, there is also the presence of several interesting species of the bird kingdom. Namely cyclamen brown, green and cvrčilka meadow pipit. To maintain the quality of space should be regularly mow the meadow. Map
  • Rukávečská park - located southeast of the village Květov about 3.5 km. Milevska the area of 3 hectares. It is the oldest protected area in the district of Sand, was founded Obrazekin 1929 and the oldest trees were planted in 1729. The ancient trees, especially oaks have numerous cavities used for nesting by many species of birds. Across the road in Květovská navbox is a hunting lodge Tyrolean house built in alpine style in 1810 with mostly wooden buildings surrounding a chapel. The monument is inaccessible, but for breeding wild boar. Map
  • Sobědražský the forest can visit  north of the village on the road Kučeř Jickovice - Great community. The area is 1.6 hectares and is part of a large forest complex Sobědražský forest. The forest is a series of sites with the occurrence of granite boulders called rock herd. Nearby we visit the graves of giants, they are probably of Celtic origin mounds and a stone cross of conciliation. Map
  • Zelendráky Obrazekis a natural monument north of Protivin area of 30.5 hectares. Passes through it signposted tourist trail. The object of protection is a set of ten lakes with names like Ram, Cejka, Zukáček, Uchcánek. Most outstanding plant species are represented here prstnatec orchid, Pentecost and flea všivec wetland. The animals live here highly endangered green frog, green tree frog, quail, bellied general, Grass Snake. Nearby is too large and the small tower with Kamik but is inaccessible. At the top are three hiking trails. Map
  • Boukal natural monument is located northeast of Milevsko and has an area of 4.5 hectares. . The object of protection forest is a small pond. The area is important for the occurrence of certain protected species. Among them are amphibians Treefrog, Green Frog, and general-bellied Toad. The reptile is a snake Snake. In coastal forests is good and waterfowl - and little grebe and rare marsh harrier. The memory can visit the red and yellow-marked trail that runs along the right bank of the dam and pond. Map
  • Ražický pond is located northeast of the village on the road Ražice Ražice - sand and has an area of 29.2 hectares. In the area of the pond and adjacent wet meadows is an increased incidence of chráněnných species, mainly birds that nest here are extensive. Here it is possible to observe species such as Lapwing, Common Redshank and snipe. The area also has a golden oriole nests, which are among the critically endangered species and seven endangered species like cvrčilka Warblers, moudiváček floodplain shrike owl, marsh harrier, grebe grebe, gadwall, and a large goose.